How To Make Your Own Distilled Water: 5 Easy Step with Video Guide

Maybe you have never that thought of making your own distilled water; a situation will arise when you need to make one.

When the time comes, it should be effortless for you to do this. Going on camping expeditions comes with its own set of challenges. One being that you will run out of distilled water and the nearby tap water may not be ideal for drinking.

Situation like call for survival tactics. And making distilled water is one of those survival life skills that you need to master for your health.

The truth is making distilled water is not rocket science. Here is the basic concept about distilled water that you need to know: Distillation is a natural process that takes place when the sun heats water and the water turns into vapor, then rises. This leaves behind contaminant to form clouds.

The risen vapor then falls back as water in the form of droplets. Then the natural cycle continues once the droplets fall as rain and starts over again. That’s how simple distillation happens in our ecosystem.

The good news is that you’re going to learn how to do this process at home. There are many ways you can distill water at home. This process can work even when you are camping; it is not something that you will use at home only. For the scope of this article, we will focus on, single way known by most people.

Select the right material

You need to have the right material for distillation to work. Here are the materials that you need in your kitchen.

Deep pot

You need a deep pot for this to work. A deep pot with a concave lid is essential for holding the ice. However, you can do the process without the ice, the problem is that it will take longer.


The purpose of the ice is to speed up the condensation process. Without the ice, the condensation process may take longer, and it is not what you may like when you’re running out of time.

A glass bowl

A bowl is necessary to prevent the distilled end product from not sinking.

Fill the pot

Once you have the right material, you need to fill the pot with lots of water. Then boil the pot on a medium heat.

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Put the lid on the pot.
Take the glass bowl and place into the pot. The flask should float well on the surface of the water. Then place the lid onto the pot upside down.

Place the ice

Once you have the lid upside down, the next step is to place the ice onto it. The bigger the lid, the more ice you need to put on top of it. As the ice melts, you can add more fresh ice on the lid.

The purpose of the ice is to cool the distillate. This speeds and improves condensation, which takes place in the receiver flask.

Condensation taking place

If you lift the lid containing the ice, you will see small droplets of water forming and falling off the lid onto the glass bowl.

Store the water

The final step is for you to store the distillate into a container or pour into the glass of water.


That’s how you make and collect your own distilled water. Get the right material and follow this guide.

Make sure that you have lots of ice at home. If you want to collect more distillate water, then make sure that you have lots of water in a pot or be willing to repeat the process many times.

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