Primary Uses of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey has attracted lots of acclaim as an exceptional alternative medicine in that it appears to be better than regular antibiotics in treating bacterial infections.

As you probably know, bacteria are increasingly becoming resistant to antibiotic drugs, making conditions like staphylococcus infection hard to treat.

Manuka has received lots approval in recent years for its effectiveness in dealing with bacterial infections. Fortunately for us, bacteria are not able to develop resistant against this natural remedy.

Additionally, a number of studies seem to suggest that it can treat diseases that were previously termed untreatable, most notably those involving resilient bacterial walls.

Here Are a few Uses of Manuka Honey

Stomach Upsets

Bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines and stomach acid are usually related, and they can mean trouble for your stomach. Such problems usually manifest in stomach aches and acid refluxes.

With its natural antibiotic value, Manuka is a great remedy for stomach disorders related to bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines.

Recently, researchers found that the Clostridium bacteria, a strain of dangerous microbes that cause stomach issues are quite vulnerable to the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey. Hence, taking the honey is a great leap toward easing acid reflux and healing your stomach.

Acne and Eczema

Acne is a skin condition caused by bacteria. As mentioned before, Manuka honey has compounds that have antibacterial power, which can be helpful in dealing with the P. Acnes bacteria associated with Acne.

Acne and Eczema remove manuka honey

There are numerous testimonials on the internet, with patients testifying to the efficiency of Manuka honey in treating acne and making the skin clear.

Most people testify that by just applying the honey to the affected areas, leaving it for a few minutes, and then washing it off, they were able to smoothen their previously rough and lumpy skin.

Staphylococcus Infections

Ever heard of the super bacterium known as Staphylococcus aureus? This microbe has increasingly gained potency and as it stands, it can no longer be treated with methicillin or other antibiotic drugs.

Worse still, this bacterium spreads rapidly and it can affect many people in a short time.

Due to its resilience, the people it affects end up so critically ill that they often need invasive procedures and sophisticated medical devices to save their lives. However, research data from UK’s Cardiff Metropolitan University sheds some hope.

According to the research, Manuka honey is able to annihilate Staphylococcus aureus’s most powerful genes. Other scientists also suggest that using Manuka honey on infections and cuts can help protect people from the staphylococcus bacteria.

Burns, Wounds, and Ulcers

Natural Pharmaceutical Products recently published an article in their Jundishapur Journal, pointing to the effectiveness of Manuka honey in relieving burn pain, speeding up the wound healing process, and decreasing the inflammation related to such issues.

manuka honey for burns

With its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features, the honey prevents infection in people suffering from venous ulcers. The honey has also been showed to be effective in dressing wounds; it promotes rapid and improved healing.

Tooth Decay and Gingivitis

Of late, researchers have developed interest into how Manuka honey works against teeth issues. According to some of these researchers, the honey can help cure conditions like periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Studies conducted by researchers from the University of Otago’s dentistry school show that sucking or chewing Manuka honey not only reduces plaque by 35% but also cuts the number of bleeding sites in people with gingivitis.

Remember, Manuka honey contains zinc, phosphorus and calcium, which are all crucial for maintaining healthy teeth.

Colds and Coughs

Man has used honey for thousands of years to deal with colds and coughs. Remember when you were young? Your mom probably gave you a teaspoonful of honey just before bedtime. You may have loved the sweet portion but I doubt that you knew it was actually medicine.

manuka honey for colds and coughs

WHO and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) have for a long time recommended using honey to treat cold flu, especially for developing nations where access to medication is limited.

Now, if ordinary honey can prevent or ease colds and coughs, how about Manuka honey, which contains superior healing properties not found in ordinary honey? One study carried out in 2012 showed that Manuka honey is more effective than OTC drugs in treating cold flu.

Manuka honey has also been shown to be very effective in:

  • Boosting beauty – it helps keep the skin moist, thus giving you a natural, healthy glow
  • Treating sinusitis and sore throats

Hopefully this quick guide was helpful to find out the most common uses for manuka honey. Be sure to read about our favorite manuka honey brands that you can trust too!

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